Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello June

Hello June :) 2 more months to go... My little boy turn 3..waa... when he's infant i want him to grow fast but now he's toddler ...I don't like him to grow up hehehehehe....I like the cuteness and for his being curious, and oh so bubbly like me. He never ran out of why when you will be talking to him. If you talk to him be sure to answer all his " WHY". Sometimes when i talk to him i tell him to say "okay" to stop him for asking why. That's life of toddler, keep asking even you already answer the question.

And 2 more months to go. It's his 3rd birthday.Starting today, i have to think about the theme for his birthday.I know most of moms are excited to celebrate their child birthday. So as early as now, i need to plan for advance , what, where and how i will make my son's grand day extra especial. :)

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