Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zyan's Second Christmas :)

Merry Christmas 2010

Our Christmas Cake , Ginger bread house . so cute...

gifts :)

Colorful parol, sparkling lights strung on trees and on gates, carols playing in malls—there’s nothing like these to get us into the spirit of Christmas. When we see parents shopping with their kids, students wrapping gifts to give to their teachers, couples talking sweetly over mugs of hot chocolate, people gathering during Simbang Gabi, and even barkadas planning fun parties for charities, we realize there’s no other season like Christmas that brings the spirit of sharing, love, thanks and gratitude.

In the land of the fun-loving and warm-hearted people, it is true that Filipinos celebrates Christmas the longest and the merriest amongst all the nations of the world.

As soon as the 'Ber' months would start, you can already hear us Filipinos start talking about Christmas. 'Pasko na,' you can hear us saying, which means 'It's Christmas!' As early as September, Christmas songs are playing in the radio and everybody starts to plan how they will celebrate Christmas with their families. It is not a surprise when somebody would just greet you 'Maligayang Pasko po' or 'Merry Christmas' as early as this month. We start digging the last year's Christmas decors and hang them around the house. The Christmas Tree adorned with various ornaments which usually glitters and the tiny multi-colored dancing lights will never go out of the scene in every house, and of course, the famous 'Parol' (Christmas lantern), which represents the guiding star of Bethlehem, would be hanging by the house windows in the neighborhood that's usually in the shape of the star. The 'Belen' (Nativity Scene) would either be inside the houses by the hall, or in the garden.

Our Christmas Kiss to Baby Z

This is the time of the year when family gathers. Those who are working and residing abroad makes it a point to take their yearly vacation during this time and spend it in the Philippines to be with their family and reunite with relatives and friends.
Celebrating christmas has been more meaningful to me because of my son. Although it was already meaningful to me by celebrating it with my family.

This Christmas celebration was done at our house in CGY. Last Christmas, we were joined by my husband family.

Celebration last christmas was simple but meaningful. And Being with your family and with your partner, with food to celebrate, with gifts to give, and to receive too, defined my christmas spirit.

My Papa and Mama exchanging gifts :)

Zyan with Lolo :)

Ninong Eugene and Tita Venice


Mom and Sis

I'm just blessed. Blessed to have a good family and partner to celebrate the Christmas. Thank you Lord!!!

===========Fun Nights before Christmas at SM CITY CGY===========

with Santa Claus... Hohohohooho!!! Merry Christmas
Power puff girls ...
We gotta find a, kids pawprint! Clue? Clue? Its Blues Clues ...  Sit down in our thinking chair and think... think... thi-i-ink!
Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time,
We can do any THING... that we wanna do!

Jollibee Mascot, Blues Clues Mascot, Juggler, Winnie the Pooh was there too...They're many Mascots present ...My baby really enjoy watching them. 
Jollibee and Ronald were good friends :P

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