Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zyan's Birthday Preparation

Now, the anxiety is on! My child’s first birthday will be at this time in less than a month and I am beginning to sense the pressure to create an amazing party. I am not certain where all of this anxiety is initially generated but I can be evidence of to the fact that the pressure is real. The cheerless part about the whole thing is that my son isn’t still aware that such a vast birthday is near upcoming, nor does he have some expectations in regards to the celebration of the birthday of his birth. On the other hand, I know that it is up to me to create this celebration a success. This is how it begins isn’t it? with the intention of stress that mothers take their entire lives, the demands that relates to whether or not we as moms did enough for our children begins with the duty of making sure the first birthday of your child is a success. This can eventually impact my child’s self esteem and settle on which college/university he will be accepted to later in life! I know it sounds excessive, but perhaps it’s the hormones that cause me to go all the way through this crazy though process. (We all know that it can’t just be the hormones, can it?)For his type of birthday I really just need to keep a few facts in my mind. I want his party best to keep things simple. Planning on having a buffet style table of food is one of the best ways to keep my guest feeling relaxed as they can socialize and eat at the same time. I have lot of things in my mind to make his birthday celebration special and memorable. Hope everything runs out perfectly and everyone will enjoy!

Zyan's Birthday Tarpaulin (Disney Car Mc queen theme)

Zyan's Cars Costume

Zyan's birthday give -aways (Disney Car Mc queen theme)

Pa bitin is ready for zyan's birthday

Stop light piñata (Disney Car Mc queen theme)

candy and toys to be given away !

 Car Mc queen candy bags :)

I personally made his invitation (Disney Car Mc queen theme)

See you there!!

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