Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time runs so fast..He is 1 now....

My baby is a year old, a toddler. At this point in my life, me and my baby share a special bond. I know what's my child’s likes and dislikes are. I am able to communicate with my baby, and I can’t remember life without my baby.

At this point in life Zyan can:
  • Shake head ‘no’
  • Still Crawl but try to learn to walk
  • Dance to music
  • Has an interest in books
  • Likes to explore and open and shut cabinet doors
  • Climbs on toys and furniture
  • Will give up toys to others without a huge argument (a few months ago you may as well have been trying to take baby’s arm as take a toy that baby is playing with)
  • Is afraid of strangers
  • Understands and follows simple, one step commands—is branching out into two step commands
  • Forms attachments with items
  • Shares belongings for short periods of time
  • Feeds self (messy)
  • Will let you know when they are done with food/drinks instead of trying to devour everything in front of them

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zyan's Birthday Celebration

My Precious Family

Zyan's Birthday was so much fun. I also added enjoyment having lots of brightly colored balloons strung around the site of the birthday as this can encourage my one year to look around at the various items that can be seen. This is a good way to encourage also the interest in people.As birthday cake is one type of food that kids love to eat. Zyan has two cake . One is car shaped cake and the other is one-layer car themed cakes with cupcakes.One item that I want to do for a 1st birthday party and that is to have small individual birthday cupcakes for the children to eat as they wish. These little birthday cupcakes don't have to very expensive.Even though my baby is still too small to fully enjoy the party but i planned on having lots of fun games i have rented a clown and mascot Barney.

1 layer cake and cupcakes

Mc queens Car cake

Keeping things simple but enjoyable with my guests will bring enjoy celebrating my baby's 1st birthday party. As the party winds down I have a store of memories and photographs to share with my baby once he is a little older.

Zyan's First "Hi" to Barney :)

Clown show

Longest Greetings games

Practice walking :)
the Guest (thanks for coming!)

***************************House Celebration*****************************

Thank you for the gifts! mwaah <3