Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 amazing years of Joy and GOD's amazing gift from us..

Minions Party for my 5 years old son Zyan Daniell. The preparation was not as extravagant compare to others minions party you have seen... The birthday preparation were more in DIY minions birthday stuff made by my ever supportive Mom , sad to say i wasn't able to help during the making of diy stuff,. The color was more in yellow-blue combination which was cute combination of minions :) The venue was held  outside our humble abode, which gave us  big discount comparing to rent a restaurant place. The expense for renting a space poured in foods and prizes for the kids. Moreover, Kids were enjoyed during the Magic show. Of course , since its minion birthday party our guest was there also and gave a smile to them" Minion Mascot" was pretty funny during the event, he danced and wave hello to each kids there. My son  really had fund and he enjoyed so much which he  appreciated those who came and celebrated with him during his special day. I thanks all those who helped made this day memorable :)

Celebrant Zyan

Zyan and Daddy

Minion Mascot during the party

Smile with Minion Mascot

Magic Show

Picture with Cute DIY Minion Frame :)

Minion Cakes and cupcakes

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zyan is 4 years old

This is his first birthday without me as i am here in dubai, i am really sad that i can't celebrate his birthday.
 He celebrated his birthday in a simple way coz i am not around with a power ranger theme, he really do love this character.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Away from Family - OFW Mom

It's been 8 months had passed that i came here in Dubai. The pain of being away from your family especially from your child is horrible wishing you could do something about it.

But all you could do is just stare at their pictures, always wishing, hoping, and praying that they are doing fine.

Of all women's right, the greatest is being a Mother... Its a big sacrifice to for go a life with my angels ensuring a better life for them.

Thanks to technology I got the chance to have a chat & look at their latest pictures on the net & whenever I hear my son voice "mommy" it's a music to my ears. It's not enough to ease my homesickness but it's the only way I can reached out with my loves.

Love of family is the most powerful motivating factor that drives every Filipino parent to succeed.

Counting down the days until I can see you once again. I miss you both so mmuchhh..