Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Vacay at Boracay Day 2

Finally Christmas Day 2011 is now in history books, and I somehow managed to enjoy it! People just wanna have fun this season to be jolly,falalalalala
Boracay is still I  can say the ultimate beach destination in our country. With its turquoise crystal clear water and powdery oh so fine white sand  no wonder it’s famous not only here but also around the world.
 Here what’s happened and what we did for Christmas in this beautiful island of Boracay:
                                                 He also love Boracay..... Snow man was tanned! :)

                                                         Enjoy Splashing.......
                                             Zyan's first time to get wet ,splash and swim in the sea.


 enjoy the waves


                            The water was very clear, that you can actually saw some fish swimming around.

                                                Playtime with my Tito Vern -zyan

                                                            High-Jump!! Horray for Bora :)
                                                       Our Island Hopping ......starts here........
                                             Zyan was a bit of tired here, it shows in his face.

                                                                 He's really tired....zzzzZZ

                                                            " Manny Pacquiao Resort"

                                                                Me and Venice my sis-inlaw

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Vacay at Boracay Day 1

Boracay! It was a very long trip for us coz' we actually came all the way from CDO. We travel By air, land and water :)

Our 1st trip:  Arrived at Iloilo around 4pm then we decided to stay , and we will just catch the first bus going to Caticlan.

while waiting for our flight to Iloilo, Zyan used his time in the playhouse which they have in the airport.
going now...

Zyan's excited to ride airplane again

Showing big smile...really happy to ride an airplane

he saw the magazine and wants to see some pictures on it.

aerial view of cagayan de oro river aftermath of sendong

covered ears

great smile my baby :D

Our Second Trip : Iloilo to Caticlan. Ceres Liner buses can take you to Caticlan (fare: PhP325.00 – more or less) with travel time of around 6 hours with at least two stop-overs (snacks comfort breaks in usually not-so-orderly toilets).Recommends aircon buses for such long trips, Ceres Liner earliest trip from Iloilo to Caticlan is at 630am. Ceres Liner bus station in Iloilo is in Tanza district.

shady shady :)

buggy and cutty

Our 3rd Trip : We arrived at Caticlan at 12 noon or 1pm...  Lolo and Lola's  are excited for Zyan. Last time they held Zyan was more than a year ago.. and they missed him a lot :)

finally  here at Caticlan Port, and zyan gave some coins for those who sang Christmas carol :)

Zyan's first time to ride a boat..See the smiling face?

Lolo Ramon he first get Zyan. I can feel he really miss Zyan. :)

Zyan's Ninong Eugene ( My sis-inlaw Husband) carrying our heavy bag.

wacky smile

Lola Pangs with Korean Pose :) Isn't Cute?

Our First site Seeing in Bora. It was raining but then still we love to have some pics with this sand castle.

 Boracay Dec.24,2011