Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coronation Day for Mr. Little Me 2012

 Best in Talent dance gangnam style
Father and Son look a like - they're both wearing Super Mario Costume =)

Zyan's costume is Little Popeye the Sailorman , he is so cute and one of the youngest candidates =)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Zyan's first Linggo ng Wika

7am wake up time , very hard for my little boy to woke up...he's feeling cranky and don't like to wear his barong. I am glad after how many convince, i got him. If your lack of convincing power to Zyan your gonna lose with him. Pictures shows during the Linggo ng Wika event at their school. @ Little me Learning Center

 After the dance he's verrrrrrry tired and exhausted ...:(

 with her Classmate Crisha...
surrounded with cutie pie girls.. Noelle Gabrielle "NV" ,Crisha, Ayesha and Zyan  the only boy :) 

Arrgh.....cute smile :)

Filipino delish..... yummy..... maja blanca, puto, biko, kutsinta... name it...its there!! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zyan's 3rd Birthday Angry birds theme Celebrations

Im a certified stage mom and would definitely say that I did a great job (especially on a tight budget) to make my son’s birthday a memorable one not only  for my baby but for those who attended the party. 

My son is seriously addicted to Angry Birds. "Can I play Angry Birds on your phone?" is heard daily. 
It seems like only yesterday I brought him home from the hospital. I want to share some of the pictures and ideas I used for his Angry Bird birthday. Enjoy viewing :)

 His daddy just arrived from Singapore..Glad he made to Zyan's birthday :)
 "The celebrant "
 Singing Happy Birthday Song to him :)

  power ranger mascot and angry birds mascot :)

 Eating time...


Gifts Zyan's received..Thank you so much :D