Monday, August 31, 2009

My Baby Zyan at 1 week

Zyan spend much of his time sleeping during these weeks, often causing him to wake up is to feed him, change his diapers, etc. Finding myself wondering when I can play with my baby.
During the first two weeks of his life, Zyan won’t be doing much except sleeping. In the few minutes of him being awake, I notice that he seems to be able to focus on my face a bit more than before. I also notice that Zyan is trying to lift his head more frequently during tummy time. And smile when he fall asleep, which can relieve my stress.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zyan's First Latch

Did you Know that breast milk kills cancer cells? Breast milk contains alpha-lactalbumin, or alpha-lac for short. This type of protein is capable of targeting not only cancer cells but also other immature and rapidly growing cells, leaving stable, mature cells for growth and development. This is one of the many reasons why breast milk is the perfect food for your baby.

Ref: Discover Magazine June 1999

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Little King was Born

The long wait is over...

The Gift of God

I can't find the right words when i felt him in my arms ...

It was August 23, 2009 at 11pm while watching TV I sense minor contractions, so I just leave to the rest rooms and peed. I stroll around to diminish the contraction but it’s getting noticeable, so I went to the living area and sat down at the sofa. I went back to rest room once more due to nature calls and close by I found spotting blood on my underwear. So I said to my hubby to keep an eye on my contractions if i have every 10-15 minutes of contraction i necessitate to call my OB. It was 5am and i have no sleep for the reason that i can feel the painful contraction gradually ever-increasing. He called my Ob and told him the whole thing. So he inform us to go to the hospital where I was recorded around 8 am we arrived around and my Ob verify me and i was 8cm dilated and my Ob said i will give birth anytime in the morning. By 9am I was lying down on a bed and there they going ahead to set me several medication, like dextrose etc. I’m so fidgety my OB let me sleep first he would like me to have a rest and gain power and so, after 4 hours on the bed my dilation was progressing. After an hour of too much pain, the nurse rub my back and it was extremely painful and i want to get out the baby but it’s incredibly hard. I couldn’t take it much longer, so they checked me for a second time and my BOW was burst. Then, one long breath .. and POP OUT!! So, After 5 or 6 hours of labor, a very long one, huh! At 2:10pm, I gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy Zyan Daniell, he’s 6 pounds, 11 ounces baby boy. I am so delighted that I made it! the whole thing was excellent! It was an extraordinary, unforgettable moments of my life.