Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Vacay at Boracay Day 2

Finally Christmas Day 2011 is now in history books, and I somehow managed to enjoy it! People just wanna have fun this season to be jolly,falalalalala
Boracay is still I  can say the ultimate beach destination in our country. With its turquoise crystal clear water and powdery oh so fine white sand  no wonder it’s famous not only here but also around the world.
 Here what’s happened and what we did for Christmas in this beautiful island of Boracay:
                                                 He also love Boracay..... Snow man was tanned! :)

                                                         Enjoy Splashing.......
                                             Zyan's first time to get wet ,splash and swim in the sea.


 enjoy the waves


                            The water was very clear, that you can actually saw some fish swimming around.

                                                Playtime with my Tito Vern -zyan

                                                            High-Jump!! Horray for Bora :)
                                                       Our Island Hopping ......starts here........
                                             Zyan was a bit of tired here, it shows in his face.

                                                                 He's really tired....zzzzZZ

                                                            " Manny Pacquiao Resort"

                                                                Me and Venice my sis-inlaw


  1. I really enjoy watching your pics. Thank you for sharing your experiences to us.

    1. Yes. We really had fun :) We will comeback again in boracay this year..

  2. I have lived on Tourism in Boracay for 15 years and loved the place so much i built cohiba. These are the Biggest and Best value for money apartments on the island period ! Every apartment has stunning sea views and 30m2 to 40m2 balconies with which to enjoy it. We are overlooking the windsurfing / kitesurfing bay where the season goes from November to april. Its either a great sport to participate, or great to just sit on your huge terrace and watch.Apartments in Boracay

    1. Hi John, Will check that place when we are going back there..:)