Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time runs so fast..He is 1 now....

My baby is a year old, a toddler. At this point in my life, me and my baby share a special bond. I know what's my child’s likes and dislikes are. I am able to communicate with my baby, and I can’t remember life without my baby.

At this point in life Zyan can:
  • Shake head ‘no’
  • Still Crawl but try to learn to walk
  • Dance to music
  • Has an interest in books
  • Likes to explore and open and shut cabinet doors
  • Climbs on toys and furniture
  • Will give up toys to others without a huge argument (a few months ago you may as well have been trying to take baby’s arm as take a toy that baby is playing with)
  • Is afraid of strangers
  • Understands and follows simple, one step commands—is branching out into two step commands
  • Forms attachments with items
  • Shares belongings for short periods of time
  • Feeds self (messy)
  • Will let you know when they are done with food/drinks instead of trying to devour everything in front of them

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