Saturday, May 21, 2011

Z's First Summer Swimming :)

It is summertime again! This is the first time that my baby will go on a summer outing. It is really fun to enjoy the heat of summer with your family. I love outings! This is a great chance to have family bonding, an opportunity for my baby for social development. He loves splashing water at home and I am happy to saw him having fun in a real swimming pool.

Zyan's first swimming exercise

Important things to remember
1. Never leave your child unattended. In the case of my son, he likes the water very much that whenever I pull him out of the water, he keeps coming back to the pool by himself. Also, they might accidentally slide on the slippery side of the pool.
2. To prevent him from drinking water (that is with chlorine), I avoid the part of the pool where the others usually jump and play.
3. As much as possible, since I did not apply him with sunblock, I don’t let him swim within 11am to 3pm. Otherwise, we go to the area with good shade to avoid direct sunlight.

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  1. Found you on MBC. Very cute pictures of your son. Check me out at I am following you now