Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I want my Body Back

With the exception of those few women that incredibly get their pre-pregnancy bodies back at lightening pace, the rest of us have to fight for it. This is not easy when you are not getting the sleep you need, you have you newborn clinging to you for each and every need, and your husband needs you as well.

Something that consumes many new mothers after childbirth is the craving to get their old bodies back. Quite frankly, I can entirely understand this. It is only natural that after 9 long months of carrying a child and having pregnancy wreak havoc on our hormones, waistline and other bodily functions, we might want to get our old bodies back. Don't feel bad, or guilty about wanting this, but know that patience will be required before we can squeeze back into our favorite jeans.

Don't make the same mistake that many new moms make right now. Don't think that racing to get back in shape after childbirth is a high priority, or that the body is ready to be whipped back into shape. Realize that you just gave birth, which is a fairly traumatic experience for the body. Whether you gave birth naturally or by C-section your body needs time to heal and adjust to no longer being pregnant and giving birth. So if you gave birth in the last 30 days... relax. Focus more right now on sleep and tending to your baby.

Then, after you have come out of the fog of the first 30 days, focus you efforts on being vibrant and healthy - not worrying about how many days it will be till you get your old body back. You need to be realistic in your goals. Stop looking at stick thin models and comparing yourself to them. Beating yourself up isn't going to help anyone. Getting back into shape takes time, and it will be helpful for you to know that there are numerous studies that show you can actually be fitter and stronger after child birth then you were before.

With that being said there you need to make a timeline with realistic goals for you to achieve. These goals need to include healthy eating habits as well as exercise. The long term goal is for you to feel more vibrant and alive then you ever have before. You can do this. Start small, incorporate one good eating habit at a time. Don't try to tackle all your eating problems at once, try crash dieting, or launch head first into a vigorous exercise program. This approach can only lead to injury, disappointment and frustration.

Start small and then as your body lets you know that it is ready, you can gradually start to increase the intensity of exercise. Don't be fooled into thinking that low impact activity isn't having an affect. Even a short daily walk can have a powerful impact on the body and aid its recovery. Consistency is really the key to you getting your body back and being stronger and healthier than before.

It is perfectly reasonable to expect that you can get back into shape, rebuild, and even improve on your pre-baby body. The notion that moms are doomed to a life of 'frumpy' or 'matronly' bodies and style after childbirth is now considered old fashion. But just remember - slow and steady will get you better results for your overall wellbeing than mad exercise and dieting. There are more and more mothers these days breaking the norm and working to build strong, fit, healthy bodies, which bounce back from pregnancy with ease.

Now, I am starting to take back my body with Jogging.

Jog with my little boy :)

My aim body ( dreaming)

I believe that weight loss always starts from mindset.

1) What is my goal? I want to lose __kg in __ time.
2) Why do I want to achieve this goal? (if possible, come up with 50 reasons)
3) If I do not achieve it, what pains will I have? (come up with as many reasons as possible)
4) If I achieve it, what happiness will I have? (come up with as many reasons as possible)
5) What will happen to me if I continue my current situation for the next 10 years?
6) Then when do I want to take action?

Some solutions I can offer you for diet:
Breakfast: eat fruits/drink fruit juice
Lunch: Less carbo, more veg and fruits, less seafood, meat and eggs
Dinner: Same as lunch but no solid food after 8pm. Soups are great dinners

If you want to exercise to enhance the speed of weight loss. Go for some light jogging or do something you enjoy like an aerobic class or kick boxing class...

If things wont work out heres the best video i can recommend for you

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