Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zyan's 5th Month

By the fifth month of his life, Zyan is changing from an infant to a baby. The maturity of my little one will amaze me daily. I was able to sleep through most of the night, if not all night by this age. For those babies who don’t sleep through the night, they usually sleep for several hours and wake only a couple hours before you would normally get up anyway. Play time is discovery time for my baby and during this time Zyan can:

  • See you and other objects from across the room
  • Pays attention to small objects and toys
  • Begins to use hands and other toys as tools to get to wanted toys and other items
  • Begins eating solid foods
  • Discovers cause and effect, often this is displayed with simple games of fetch played by baby dropping items and waiting to see if you will pick them up
  • Tries to hold self up when in sitting position, holds head up well at all times

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