Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting Ready For My Baby's Arrival

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The moment you get pregnant, in addition to searching for a name for the baby, you are thinking and shopping for things for the baby. There is a lot of shopping to do and it takes a lot of time exploring your options and shopping for the best safest items and toys while keeping the cost low. Welcoming a new born baby requires many months to get yourself and your beautiful home ready for the new member to your family. It is always good to buy some of the baby things in advance to care of the baby during the early months. You will be busy in doing things like changing baby diapers, changing baby clothes and cleaning umbilical cord you will not have time to do detailed shopping. Here is a list that you will need to buy before the baby is born.

List of Items for the arrival of the new born

The birth of the new born is one of the greatest moments a woman life. Of course you know that there are so many things you must keep in place before the arrival of the new born. There are many things that you will need to do to prepare for your new baby's arrival.
You will think of so many things to buy right? No problems, i list here below some things that will help you as you prepare for the new baby arrival.

Baby's Room

Checklist of Items for New Baby's Arrival
The birth of a child is one of the greatest moments in a person's life. There are many things that you will need to do to prepare for your new baby's arrival. So many in fact that it can leave a new parent's head spinning and their wallets empty.
What is really necessary to buy? What can you do without? Below is a list of the items that we used with both of our girls and highly recommend. I've also made note of some of the more popular items that people buy that may not be necessary.
Baby's Room
1. Dresser - for all the baby clothes that you will be getting as gifts.
2. Nightlight – It helps not to bang your knee on the dresser when you go into check baby at night
3. Books – that will help the baby as she grows, like the bible stories!
4. Lamp – for checking baby always
1. Nursing Pillow - help mom to be comfortable while nursing
2. Breast Pump - for those times when mom just needs a break or has to go back to work.
3. Bottles - make sure they are BPA free.
5. Booster Seat. - That will have you during breaks feeding
1. One piece outfits - babies will live in these in the early months, so much easier than trying to put on a two piece outfit on such a wee baby
2. Socks and Shoes – shoes not necessary yet, but socks are a must
3. Teething Bibs – needed so you do not change cloths always once he/she starts drooling
4. Hat - baby needs it especially in cooler weather
5. Laundry detergent for sensitive skin - some babies can be really sensitive to the regular chemical detergents
6. Car Seat - keep baby safe!
7. Sweater - also need in cooler weather
8. Jacket - same as above
9. Diaper Bag - Away from home when you have a baby, make sure to get a big one and something that looks cool.
10.Changing pad - is also needed for the baby
11. Car seats and carries for baby
12. Baby clothing
13. Furniture
14. Nursery Decoration
15. Maternity
16. Entertainment
17. Nursing and Feeding
18. Health and baby care
19. Bathing and changing
20. Safety equipment
Fun Stuff
1. Play Arches - great for them to kick with their feet and fun to watch!
2. Swing - good place for baby to hang out for a while
3. Newborn Toddler Rocker or Bouncer - especially once they are older, toddlers love to rock, bounce, dance, move, groove
4. Wagon for going out for walks - a nice alternative to the stroller
And, finally, have fun with it! It’s okay to spoil the little one just a little bit. With a newborn baby checklist new parents are able to buy exactly what is needed without worrying about overspending, impulse shopping and under budgeting.

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