Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eight Months old Zyan

Z's 8th Birthday cake

Peek-a -boo!

My little destroyer :D

During the eighth month of his life, my little one is getting much bigger. I might consider putting up a play gate to keep my baby in a specified area for safety. Zyan is an explorer and will try to learn everything possible, often by tasting things. It is important to keep small items out of Zyan’s reach. The last seven months seem to have gone by in an instant; this month will go by the same way if I am aren’t careful. While I am watching him I notice:
  • Z chews on toys as new teeth form
  • Z rolls around the play area
  • Z is able to sit unsupported
  • Z seems to have own language and babbles happily to self
  • Reacts differently to different people.
  • Has favorite people/person
  • Makes specific noises or different cries for different things that baby wants
  • Reacts to someone saying baby’s name
  • Gets anxious if removed from parent
  • Sleep schedule is more structures and can sleep through the night

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