Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zyan on his Third Month

During the third month of his life, Zyan has started to show a little more personality. Activities are a bit more social than they were a couple months ago when eating and sleeping were all that my baby was interested in. During socializing times my baby will start to:
  • Lift head to a 45 degree angle from the surface that he is laying on
  • Stiffen legs as if trying to stand when feet are on a hard surface
  • Reach for shiny or dangling objects
  • Grasps toys and shakes small hand toys such as rattles
  • Imitates sounds that the infant hears
  • Recognizes people and starts to develop trust of known people as well as distrust and fear of strangers
  • Lifts head with much better muscle control.
  • Starts to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Energetically kicks and moves while awake to expend energy
  • Brings hands together in clapping motion
  • Watches and enjoys circles and spiral patterns
  • Lifts head and chest when laid on tummy and will attempt to move

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